Hypnotic Radio’s origins go back to a weekend show broadcast on Saturday and Sunday by station owner, Andy Watt. When a former radio colleague introduced him to internet broadcasting back in 2011. Andy soon started broadcasting on Saturday and Sunday’s only under the original show name, ‘Algarkirk Village Radio’. Before too long a 24-hour playlist was put on air and a very poor website created. Within a month, enough DJs had been recruited to offer live shows nearly every night of the week. A venture was started to create a Oldies music based station called Algarkirk Radio Dance but due to various difficulties this was taken down after a couple of months. Next up was AR 80s, launched as a sister station to Hypnotic Radio.. Whilst not live it did prove popular with good listener figures. As you can imagine, things started to become messy and very difficult to organise so the decision was made to scrap AR 80s and take the features that worked well and amalgamate them into Hypnotic Radio. We have continued to add more great DJs to Hypnotic Radio and a huge amount of work behind the scenes has meant that we have some of the most sophisticated systems on internet radio! If you are interested in helping out in any way please let us know by e-mailing :-ย  dj@algarkirk-radio.co.uk